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Our customers fill out a "Customer Experience Survey" after each job.  We appreciate our customers and your feedback is essential - it helps us solve any problems and continually improve our company structure so we can serve you better.  It also helps us know what we are doing well (so we can keep doing it).  Here are some of the comments we receive from our customers.  The comments are from letters, customer experience surveys, and phone calls.


Outdoor Patio

"(I appreciated) a lot of things.  Really liked the clean up - they even raked and reseeded the yard.  Respectful of property, moved things back to their original place."     

Full Home

"The quality of the work they do - everyone asks who did the work.  I really enjoyed having them at work in my home."

Interior Remodel

"I wanted to let you know of the quality of work that (your team) did in our house (this winter); and how pleased my wife and I are with the results.  While it probably wasn't the biggest job you have worked on, we appreciated the excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.  We also appreciate the accurate estimate of how long the work would take and what would be done.  Thank you again." 


"We really appreciate the promptness of your service and the skills and workmanship of the team who worked here.  We recommended you to our son, and will continue to recommend you."


"Good Job!  I didn't have to worry about anything."

Historic Home

"Thank you so much for everything you did to make our old house so beautiful.  Team exceeded our expectations.  (The crew members) are all professional, talented and friendly.  They all seem to suffer from "perfectionism" which meant that we didn't have to!  The renovation was actually an enjoyable experience because we felt comfortable asking questions and adding more projects.  What a relief.  Thanks for everything."


"The Team is the best!"


Fire Repair & Rebuild

"Definitely, they took all the worry and tension out of it.  I trusted them, I wouldn't want to have to deal with all of that myself."

Inurance Repair

"Very kind, courteous, and professional people."

Insurance Repair

"Thank you so much for your help on everything - the place looks great!! Fine job all of you!!"

Roof Repair

"The repair was quickly and efficiently taken care of with very little hassle on our part.  We will look for you again if you are ever needed!"

Insurance Repair

"You are a great company."

Roof Repair

"Beautiful job and always an absolute joy to work with.  I'm glad we found you."

Wind Damage

"Thank you for a good job done!  We know how busy you were that week with felled trees -- and you came to us the next day and helped us out.  Everyone was very pleasant and kind."


"Personable, friendly, they feel like a family - genuine.  I was never talked down to.  Team shows a different level of caring and concern for the customer"

Fire Repair

"(I appreciated) their understanding that this is a kind of trauma.  They were understanding, considerate and wanted to help get things back to normal."


Water Damage to Large Building

"Sometimes it is not about price, but speed and professionalism.  There was a lot riding on this.  How many companies could do that?"

Byron Center Meats Fire

"Team had good people working around the clock; they definitely took a leading role.  Everyone from D&D Building, Buist Electric, Protemp Inc., McDonald Plumbing, Great Lakes Painting, Alliance AnalyticalLabs, Inc., and Team Restoration did an exceptional job.  They are terrific,"  Steve Sytsma, A Byron Center Meats Owner

Water Damage, Kitchen Repair

"Awesome Job!  Thank you so much for being courteous, doing the job right the first time, and for being willing to work around our schedule.  You left us with a clean site every time.  We really appreciate all that you did for us.  The counter-top and sink are so great."

Water Damage

"All had a willingness to go above and beyond, I felt.  I appreciated that."

Apartment Complex Flood

"The overall experience was very positive in a very negative situation."

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