Union Street Revival  

"It is such a joy to see the wonderful improvement that Team Restoration is making to these historic homes.  Team has done such incredible work, especially on .... Union.  It is a street that needed real stimulation, and Team's work gives other owners the inspiration to work on their own homes.  Thank you so much.  It is lovely to see these homes and blocks transformed."
_Jan Earl, Executive Director, Heritage Hill Association

#1 - Small Home


This home was neglected and purchased by a development group.


When rehabilitating an historic home, Team often performs a complete tear out in order to repair deeper damage and rebuild from the studs up.  The plumbing, insulation, wiring, furnace, and drywall are all new in this home.  Team craftsmen built a new fireplace and installed new hardwood flooring throughout the home.

#2 Curb Appeal

This entire Heritage Hill historic home was restored both inside and out.  Its structure had suffered significant damage from neglect and misuse.  Team completely repaired and restored the home, then added and entry way and other details -- such as paint, door knobs, lighting fixtures and address numbers that brought out the character of the home and its neighborhood.

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