The Leonard at Logan House

Historic Mansion now a Bed & Breakfast

It took Team two years to turn this 1914 mansion from a neglected and aging building into a bed and breakfast beloved by local and international guests.  The home was originally built during a very interesting time in history and has a wonderful Grand Rapids story.  Harry C. Leonard was the first owner of this home and was the son of the inventor & manufacturer Charles H. Leonard.  One of Charles's inventions a refrigerator called "The Leonard Cleanable."  In 1937, one in four refrigerators sold in the world was a Leonard Cleanable.  Leonard Refrigerator was later sold to Kelvinator, a recognized name today.

Harry was an executive in the manufacturing industry (serving in his father and grandfathers' companies, as well as in others).  He was a City commissioner from 1934 to 1942, and his daughter, Dorothy, was a major force in the League of Women Voters until the 1980's.  The home was remodeled in the spirit of the Leonard family, whose down-to-earth yet sophisticated style was evident throughout the home.

The Remodel

Team brought the home back to its early 20th century origins, but updated with modern conveniences.  Team's master carpenter built custom cabinetry throughout the Leonard at Logan House to perfectly match the original, built-in cabinetry.  This is particularly evident in the gourmet kitchen - redesigned for cooking classes and event catering.  Longer-term business guests also love to cook in this kitchen.

The guest rooms are gracious, and are filled with amenities from local retailers and artisans.  All bathrooms have heated floors and are unique to each room.  Team completely remodeled several bathrooms, installing a modern air tub in one, and a walk in shower in another.  The master bedroom's original bath was restored and includes the antique "rib cage" shower.  This was a very "modern" convenience in 1914, and an amenity that guests ask for today.

To book an event; or a business or leisure stay, please visit http://www.leonardatlogan.com/reservations.

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