Prevent Water Damage

Whether it take the form of icicles or ice dams; or mixes with materials to cause mold; or has been caused by a flood or a roof leak, water can be some of the most serious and difficult damage to clean up and cover. 

Disconnect Your Hose Before Winter & Save Your Pipes

It may sound simple, but a surprising number of insurance claims stem from garden hoses that remain connected to an outdoor valve in freezing weather.

Ground Water & Your Building

Ground water can be a chronic problem during heavy rains. It can damage belongings, extinguish pilot lights, create dangerous mold, and cause severe structural damage. Smart contractors take ground water management into account when building. Here are a methods to keep ground water out.

Water Damage & Mold - Use Your Senses to Detect & Prevent

Where water mixes with wood, certain types of insulation, carpet, wallpaper, drywall…. mold is sure to follow. If you have water damage in your home, it is important to remove the water and fix the source of the problem within 24 to 48 hours to prevent mold growth.

What is an Ice Dam? (It's A Sign to Think Ahead.)

On any Michigan roof, an ice dam could be a sign of a deeper problem. Because of the seriousness of winter water damage, Team is running a series of notes to illustrate this problem and its prevention. This is the 5th note in this series.

Did You See Icicles Last Winter? Beware of Water Damage.

Icicles can be a pretty sight in winter, but they can also be a sign of a poorly ventilated roof – and a poorly ventilated roof could cause severe water damage in your home or office.

An Ice Dam Emergency Story

According to the insurance agents we work with, the type of insurance claim they see the most is water damage - especially in cold weather. Beautiful icicles are a warning sign. This is the 4th note in a series on the effects of water damage and its prevention.

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