Teamwork helped put Byron Center Meats On Its Feet In 48 Hours

Local businesses and the community pull together

At 4:00A.M., an employee from a restaurant down the street saw smoke coming from the Byron Center Meats building and called 911.  When the firefighters arrived, they could see the smoke, but no flames.  This was a dangerous situation because they could not tell where the fire was or how long it had been burning.  They could see, however, that the roof was going to collapse.  Byron Center Meats' owners called D&D Building, who in turn called Team Restoration to help.  Team had 60 people working throughout the first week, but the main concern was to get the company back in businesses within 2 days.  This took the leadership skills of D&D, Team's coordination of multiple teams, and many other trades. 

For more of this story, read the feature story in Team's Winter 2008 Mini-Magazine.

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