Prevent Water Damage

Water Damage & Mold - Use Your Senses to Detect & Prevent

Since you can’t always see it, you may need all your senses to detect and prevent.

EYES - Look for the signs… Mold is not hard to recognize with its white thread-like growths or clusters of small black or green specks. If you see it on any part of your home’s structure, it could extend to where you cannot see it, so it is best to call an expert. Got Ants? Ants tend to nest near consistent water sources. Ants, like mold, love wet wood from a leaking roof. If you see a regular patrol of ants indoors, especially if they appear to march in the same direction, it is possible that there is damage to the roof or structure of your home that has allowed water to enter.

NOSE - Oooh, that smell! A musty or damp odor could indicate the presence of mold from an unseen source like plumbing behind the wall, or a roof leak or the HVAC system.

EARS - What’s that drip, drip, drip? It probably isn’t just in your head. Sometimes a leak in a window upstairs can cause a dripping sound on any level of the building. Areas inside the wall around pipes, inside ductwork, or faulty roof materials are other common causes of that annoying drip.

TEAM TIP Keep humidity below 50% in your home. A good step is to install a dehumidifier with humidity meter and automatic drain in your basement, where humidity tends to be the highest.
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