Prevent Water Damage

Did You See Icicles Last Winter? Beware of Water Damage.

Icicles can be a pretty sight in winter, but they can also be a sign of a poorly ventilated roof – and a poorly ventilated roof could cause severe water damage in your home or office.

An ice dam. Attic areas must remain cool (ventilated) so that ice does not melt, turn to water, back up and then leak into your home through poorly constructed or weakened areas of the roof.

Many Michigan homes and businesses were originally constructed without proper ventilation. Insurance agents see an increase in water damage claims due to melting ice dams every winter. Team responds to many of these claims and fixes a great deal of costly winter and spring water damage that could have been prevented in Fall (and without the heartache).

Proper ventilation can help you save money in energy costs year round, and it can protect insulation and wood from mold and rotting. In winter, however, good ventilation is a must. Look for upcoming notes on ice dams and other winter prevention tips.
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