Prevent Water Damage

Ground Water & Your Building

Ground water can be a chronic problem during heavy rains.  It can damage belongings, extinguish pilot lights, create dangerous mold, and cause severe structural damage.  Smart contractors take ground water management into account when building.  Here are a methods to keep ground water out.

1.  Install eaves troughs (with gutter guards) and direct the downspouts several feet away from the foundation (but still away from your neighbors).

2.  Properly seal the joints at any pavement / house wall intersection (such as the driveway to the garage).

3.  Install an underground tile system (or rain garden), a sump pump, or a gravity system with under floor drainage.

4.  Fill in depressed areas of lawn with heavy soil (and grass or plants) so that all ground slopes away from your building.

5.  Hire a professional to seal the cracks in the foundation.

6. Lift sunken concrete.  A qualified contractor pumps cement through holes drilled into the concrete, and then raises the sunken area to the proper pitch and height.

7.  Install back flow valves on your drains.  Prevent ground water from backing up from the drains into your home.

8.  Basement egress windows let in the light.  Install window drains and well covers -- to keep water out.

Don't be surprised by ground water.  Call your insurance agent and get covered.

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