Does Your Home Have Multiple Personalities?

Get Design Therapy. . .

Before Therapy...This home was a mess of clashing colors and odd, confining spaces.

Homes, like people, have a distinct personality and spirit, as well as a physical structure. If you’ve been house hunting in this crazy market recently you can probably relate to this. Each home you “meet” inspires a first impression. You might think, “I can't live here.” You may also be surprised when a little voice says -- “I love it. What will it take for us to buy it?” You might also scratch your chin and say, "Boy, if this were in better shape, I'd snap this up."

The Marriage of Design & Construction

a home to tap your spirit, a fundamental relationship must be nurtured -- the marriage of design and construction. This union can be made in any type of home, as long as the structure is sound. When this coupling is not clearly understood, however, homes can suffer from dysfunction. In the case of a home on the NE side of Grand Rapids, its multiple personalities needed therapy - the reconstructive kind.

After Design Therapy

Team remodeled this large craftsman style home to create a visual and functional flow. The interior and exterior now work together. A wrap around porch and two stairways allow for both a gracious main entry, and a more causal, practical path from pool to kitchen.
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