How We Work with You

  We are dedicated professionals, responsible to our home, commercial property and investment property customers.  We provide the structural, project management and design expertise necessary to not only rebuild after a crisis but remodel according to your wishes.  The leaders of our team have years of experience.  We understand both the value and the possibilities of your homes and properties. We respect that these are the places where you live, do business, and contribute to family, friends and community.

Emergency Response:  We will respond quickly to your emergency calls and give a fair and equitable estimate.  We will listen to your suggestions and act upon them where appropriate. We will work with you to identify what you truly need so we can deliver detailed, quality work to be enjoyed for years to come.

Insurance Agents:  We are responsible to our insurance agents, as our customers are also yours. We aim to deliver the excellent customer experience that long-term relationships require.

Employees & Subcontractors:  We are committed to providing our employees and sub-contractors with a creative, secure working environment where individual contribution and skill development is welcomed and encouraged.  We expect our employees and subcontractors to operate with honesty and integrity.  Employees and sub-contractors must be fairly compensated for their work, and be provided with competent and ethical management.
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