A Good Buy now Classic Farmhouse

The Situation

This stately farmhouse was purchased "as is" by the new home owners, well after arson fire demolished much of the interior.  The home was left to the affects of wind, snow and rain through broken windows and burned out doors.  When the home was purchased, it was immediately secured to save some of the structure.  One of the homeowners is looking up through the roof as the work was just beginning.  In the cold winter weather, the roof was dismantled and rebuilt so it was safe, secure and weatherproof.

"We loved coming to the house to check on the progress. We were always amazed at how fast those guys worked.  I don't want cheap work or cheap materials.  Their attention to detail and quality is why I feel so strongly about Team.  Everyone always asks me, 'Who did your house?  Who did your cabinets?'  I even get asked who did the work on the barn!  They didn't just build, they cared about my happiness with the end product."" - Homeowner

(Our thanks to the home owner for providing these pictures.)

The Kitchen

Before remodeling, the kitchen was small, cramped and in one room.  You can also see the smoke, water and fire damage.Team members took out the damaged walls, transforming the kitchen into a warm, open and inviting space.

The Living & Dining Rooms

The living room and dining area was a pile of soot and ash.  You can see a large hole where the fire was set burning to expose the floor below.

"There was such a dramatic change from the charred remains of the living room with the huge hole in the floor, compared to the finished room afterward."  - Homeowner

The Bathroom

The bathroom was renewed from charred and damaged to clean, stylish and relaxing.

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